What is Boat Noodle?

Let’s start it off with a little bit of sinking history of The historical dish, “Boat Noodle”

Boat noodle was originally served and prepared by the vendors on canoes paddling along waterways. The dish considered to be one of the ancient dishes from the 12th–16th centuries.

In Thailand, back in the day waterways is the main route for vendors to do businesses. Eloise Basuki from SBS stated that, “The first canals were dug as protective moats, but the system expanded, and as the capital moved south along the Chao Praya river to Bangkok in 1782, canals connected to the river were opened up to become major marketplace hubs” Many vendors would paddle along the river to serve foods where people were gathered. So, people start calling the vendor by the name of “Boat Noodle”.

In the 20th century, most river ways were drained for construction and make way for roads. Many vendors were forced to get off the river. So, they started to open a shop or cart to serve food for people off the street. However, the dish was still called boat noodle and it became the permanent and official name for this noodle soup. As it’s been served on the street of Thailand for so many years, it became one of the famous Thai street foods that everyone enjoys and loves it.

The Main Ingredients

Boat noodle is traditionally served with rice noodle, bean sprouts, chines broccolis, pork slices and pork-balls. But what makes it unique about boat noodle is the thicken broth of pig’s blood. A touch of blood result in sweet and sour taste. Despite the pig’s blood, other ingredients included reddish, cinnamons, galangal and lemongrass all mix together to create this  savor noodle soup.

Adjusting your own flavor

Although, boat noodle already has a unique flavor of it owns, some people prefer it their owns taste. So, boat noodle will serve with a spice tray of sugar, fish sauce, Chili flakes and chili vinegar. That way people can add whatever they need to the broth up to their preferable taste.

Boat noodle has been around for a really long time and it became part of what Thai street food really is, which created the phenomenal of Thai food culture. The broth also makes it different and that makes it distinctive from any other kind of noodle soup.

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