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ImmM Rice & Beyond and the Team are honored to be featured on Chicago Asian Cuisine Marketing Newsletter.

This is the article by Mr. Wasuwat Siewsrichol demonstrated the vision and the goal of our restaurant.

My goal is to let people get the real experience of authentic Thai cuisine here in Chicago

Dear Food Enthusiasts of Chicago,

Today in the Chicago Asian Cuisine Marketing Newsletter, I am going to show you the number one factor that separates the simply an “average”  from the Elite restaurants in the Chicago area.

Follow this principle and see your restaurant skyrocket to the top as one of the most desirable spots in the city.

Ignore this key principle, and risk the chance of being mediocre.

What am I actually talking about here?

Your Restaurant Branding of course!

I see this all the time restaurants who are not fullying reaching their potential.

Most restaurant owners think that all they need to do sell the most dishes to get to the top, but they lack a main goal or purpose. In short, they lack what they want their restaurant to stand for.

Take for example, Subway. When you think of Subway, what is the first word that comes to your mind? My guess is you might think of the phrase “Eat fresh” or even the “5 dollar footlong”.

Now I ask you, when a customer thinks of your restaurant, what kind come to mind?

Authentic?  . . . Luxurious and Flavorful? . . . .Easily Affordable? . . . Cheap but still Edible?

Let’s see what marketing guru, Seth Goddin, has to says about the power of branding . . .

“The best way to build a brand that matters, a story that spreads, an impact that we remember, is to understand a simple but painful trade-off:

If you want to stand for something,

You can’t stand for everything.

“Anyone can be our customer and we will get you what you want…” is almost impossible to pull off. So is, “we are the cheapest and the most convenient and the best.”

It didn’t work for Sears, or for Chevrolet or for Radio Shack. It definitely doesn’t work for the local freelancer, eager to do whatever is asked.

Relentlessly trimming what’s on offer, combined with a resolute willingness to say, “no,” are two characteristics of great brands. And linchpins, too.”

Remember this: You must be specific with your Restaurant Brand and what it stands for. If you try to please and attract everyone, you will end up attracting no one. Quality of the customers you have will always beat the quantity.

When it comes to branding, you must know who your target customers are so you can target your food, marketing, and service directly to these customers.

Once we have a specific goal in mind what our restaurant stands for and what type of customers we are catering to, then watch our customer loyalty and popularity shoot through the roof.

If we don’t, we will end up attracting the wrong types of customers, and we end up lowering our values to accommodate to the customers.

(This is a something I have to constantly remind restaurant owners all the time. Before we begin any marketing or redoing the menu, we need to know first is what type of customers do we want to come in our restaurant. We only want to attract the best and most loyal customers that will spread the word and improve our brand.)

Take for example, Immm Rice & Beyond, which is fine establishment in Uptown Chicago serving authentic Thai cuisine. We recently got in contact with the owner, and here is what he says about his vision and brand of Immm Rice & Beyond . . .

“I’m glad that I was able to bring Thai street food culture straight from Thailand to the city of Chicago.

My goal is to let people get the real experience of authentic Thai cuisine here in Chicago as well as discover a beautiful and lively of Thai food culture.

As an owner I love seeing people come in, enjoy our foods and get the taste of what Thai street food is. Many people came in and learned more about Thai foods and the culture with in.

And this is probably my favorite part of owning a Thai restaurant in Chicago that I was able to share those experience with people in the city of Chicago.”
– Dew S., Owner of Immm Rice and Beyond

To enjoy a vast variety of authentic Thai cuisine, make sure to visit Immm & Beyond (4949 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640) and try their Kao Soy (see image below). I heard that this dish will literally take you back to the streets of Chiang Mai!

Such an excellent example for us to model after in this wonderful community

Talk to you soon,

Wasuwat Siewsrichol
Head Publisher of the Chicago Asian Cuisine Marketing Newsletter

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