Best Thai Food in Chicago

Chicago’s Best with Elliott Bambrough

Are you looking for best meal deals in Chicago? No need to look farther! 

Immm was featured on “Chicago’s Best  with Elliot Bambrough” for best meal deals in Chicago.

At Immm, we serve the best Thai food in Chicago. In fact, the best deals that will keep your stomach full and your pocket a little fuller!

Starting from 11:30 am – 3:00pm, we have Thai lunch plate also know as “Khao Rad Gang”

What is “Khao Rad Gang”?

It’s is basically a lunch fare that serve in Thailand with a plate of rice served with your choice of up to 3 items.

How does it work?

1). Choose how many items that you want. 

1 item $8.00

2 items $ 9.50

3 items $11.00

2). Pick your base.

White rice, Brown rice, or Kanom Jeen noodle

3). Choose your food items that will be served on top of the base.

Food items can be chose from Curry/Stews and Wok-Tossed section on the menu. Also, did we mention that you can sample some of the food items before you decide to order! Great way to get you meal deals right?

That’s it, now you got the best meal deal from the best Thai food in Chicago!